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REINZOSIL vs. Biogaz

REINZOSIL vs. Biogaz

Cooperation excellent: sealing REINZOSIL received positive tests in engines fueled by biogas.

Universal Victor Reinz ® sealing silicone based - REINZOSIL well suited for use in engines fueled by biogas. Advanced mechanical and chemical tests confirmed that the mass REINZOSIL used to seal parts of the engine powered by biogas remained totally resistant to oil used in the engine. Extensive tests have shown that the area of safe and trouble-free use REINZOSIL weight increased by engines powered by gas and biogas.

During the tests, the mass REINZOSIL was used to seal the engine parts, for which he worked hot engine oil under pressure. Weight after obtaining the required degree of hardness, total REINZOSIL provided excellent seal for the circulating medium of oil, in very different temperature conditions. In tests of strength, even after two weeks of continuous operation at an oil temperature of up to 120 ° C, the composite sealant showed no signs of swelling, discoloration or flow. Measurements of mechanical properties to successfully fit the standards showing a very high flexibility in the tensile tests.

"Positive test sealant REINZOSIL, using an engine powered by biogas is another proof for our customers on how to secure, reliable, and some are in use our products," said Mr. Christian Katzer, PPM Product Manager responsible for product development. "These results confirm the versatility of our sealants.

Reinzosil Sealing.

REINZOSIL it’s a composite anaerobic weight-coating silicone-based sealant (Polydimethylsiloxane). A composite seal is hardening without air, using a metal catalyst for the reaction. It is very broad and versatile in sealing engines (flat connection with the slot sealed - often without the need for complete removal). Weight has excellent stability at high temperatures.

All composite sealants VICTOR REINZ have the necessary certificates for use and safety data sheets of products. Company REINZ has tested the weight of silicone-based REINZOSIL in packages tailored to the needs of the car service in both the passenger vehicles and trucks. Available in 70ml tubes sales network (70-31414-10) and pressurized metered containers 200ml (70-31414-20) make it ideal for use and storage of the sealing compound.

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