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Report from the Roadshow on Track Poznan

Report from the Roadshow on Track Poznan

On Monday 05/20/2013, another meeting was held for the best of our customers who took part in the promotion organized by the ZF company. After the success of the Roadshow in Germany and Czech Republic, the event has become available for Polish mechanics. This time, the opportunity to participate in this prestigious training had customers from the northern part of the Poland.

The second out of Sachs Roadshow training cycle was held at one of the few race tracks in Poland, Track Poznan. It was built in the 70s of the last century on the site of old runways of Airport Ławica and belongs to the Automobile Club of Wielkopolska. Once again, customers had the opportunity to gain a competitive, practical knowledge in the field of power transmission and suspension. It was also an opportunity to play in a group of car enthusiasts and race in a of trainings but also in exciting go-kart competition.

Training was conducted by the best trainers of ZF Services and a special guest - racing driver Jörg van Ommen, who in the years 1984-1996 was the star of the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters - the most important touring car series in Germany). Jörg van Ommen ranked at the second place in the table all-time series. Now he competes in a series, Seat Leon Supercopa and the Porsche 997 Cup. Of course, for customers who coped best with the training tasks and go-kart competition, a surprise was prepared - the chance to personally try out special vehicles designed to compete in touring car racing, among others, Mercedes AMG C280.

We invite you to a specially prepared gallery from this unusual event.